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Ethan Lutz was a college student working as an EMT deployed to New York during the COVID-19 crisis; as he watched the city grapple with the PPE shortage, he came up with an idea to make providers safer in the future
Firefighter-paramedics rapidly implement new ideas to curb infection
With new technology ranging from transportation to health monitoring, plenty of devices are being debuted that could make the lives of first responders much easier
The Trace Eye-D products resemble individually packaged moist wipes
“We’re able to get the stretcher under the patient and drag them to what amounts to a safer area and use less rescuers,” said Fitchburg Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher
Roger Crystal leaped out of his vehicle to help when he and his wife noticed a man suffering a medical emergency on a Los Angeles sidewalk
The James Dyson Award was given to a recent UK university graduate for his device to stop bleeding from knife wounds
Paramedic Johnathan Harrison said a tragic incident on his job inspired him to create a device that would make 911 callers’ homes more visible to first responders
LifeNet Flight Paramedic Bob King created “Hannah’s Light,” in honor of a 7-year-old girl who was hit by a bus outside her home
The StethoSafe was created to prevent stethoscopes from being damaged, which often occurs in the EMS providers’ airway bags
The CHASE LifeTech FR jacket includes modular sensors that can detect heart rate, temperature, motion and GPS location
There are no plans for production any time soon, but Polish firm 2sympleks collaborated with search and rescue teams for the design
Jeff Dykes’ compass would direct firefighters through burning buildings; he will participate in a business roundtable with President Trump
The temperature-monitoring device would alert parents by phone or text
The device would detect if a child is left in a vehicle and blow cool air on them
Taylor Rosenthal recently turned down a $30 million offer to buy RecMed, which started as an eighth-grade project
As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, here are seven more EMS inventions and ideas led by women
Women’s History Month is celebrated annually during March; here’s a handful of inventions vital to present-day first responders
When medical devices fail, you may be required to report it so manufacturers and regulators understand the consequences