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House fire

Look for these signs and symptoms to identify patients suffering from smoke inhalation and cyanide poisoning
You are staged at a house fire when you are advised that a victim has been located
A Philadelphia firefighter and two police officers were among seven people who were injured in the fire
A total of 20 firefighters were hurt in the Staten Island residential blaze
As they alerted firefighters to the blaze, the EMTs and medics rescued a man and four dogs and searched for a mother and baby
Two boys died at the scene, and first responders transported a baby and a 21-year-old to Jacobi Medical Center, but the child did not survive, police said
First responders transported two people to medical facilities; officials said the four smoke detectors in the three-story rowhouse were not working
Neither of the victims pulled from the house had a pulse, but medical crews were able to resuscitate both at the scene
Albany County Sheriff’s Office EMT Jack Houck was on standby when he noticed the home on fire
FDNY EMT Daniel Marcano rescued one of his neighbors and alerted firefighters to another person inside the house
Gurnee Firefighter-Paramedic Bob Davidson’s mother and another firefighter were injured in the blaze at Davidson’s home
A fundraiser has been launched to support the Altamahaw-Ossipee Fire Department paramedic and his family
A GoFundMe page has raised nearly $5,000 for Somerville Rescue Squad EMT Ernie Hall and his family
A fundraiser has been set up for former chief, who is being treated at the hospital for first-degree burns