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Seeing the same operating picture through the Hexagon Mobile for Public Safety software helps HEMSI optimize staffing resources
Some readers said GPS is a crucial tool, others said you can’t rely on technology and you should know your area
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Dispatchers determined the driver’s location using her phone’s GPS and first responders transported her to hospital
The app allows first responders to easily request and track a CareFlight ambulance without using their radio
One fire chief said the new system gives wrong directions for about one call per month
Instead of GPS coordinates, which can be difficult to remember, what3words software assigns a three-word combination to 3-meter by 3-meter squares around the world
National Association of State 911 Administrators executive director Evelyn Bailey said the locator system is not always reliable
Women’s History Month is celebrated annually during March; here’s a handful of inventions vital to present-day first responders
Computers on the ambulances are not compatible with GPS systems; officials said emergency vehicles are being updated
IQ Genius uses Radio Frequency Identification to track and locate assets such as stretchers and EKG monitors
The integration of MedaPoint’s AdvanceDispatch and TomTom’s WEBFLEET has tripled the transport company’s call volume without adding to their staff
The ambulance sent to assist Paulette Sadberry’s brother got lost and the man died of an asthma attack
He took the Houston Fire ambulance from a hospital; chase ended when he ran over spike strips
Sending closest available ambulance with computer aided dispatch could lead to faster response times