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The emergency physicians who resuscitated Damar Hamlin share their insights into SCA and CPR training
Community risk reduction and improving mental health resources for providers
While possible R-on-T phenomenon could induce cardiac arrest, treatment is the same: standard AHA protocols for VF arrest
Twenty Norsemen football players and four coaches sat down in Bingham Township to become certified in CPR
The NFL player has been recovering since collapsing during a game, going into cardiac arrest, and being treated
“As we all know, CPR saved my life earlier this year,” Hamlin said at the event. “Ever since, I’ve just always wanted to do my part in raising awareness and the importance of CPR.”
Bystanders called 911, but the child’s family said no one performed CPR, and it took up to 30 minutes for first responders to arrive
Hundreds of law enforcement officers and about 200 firefighters will be on hand, and two emergency medical tents will be in place
Crews added more than 2,000 wireless network antennas and additional improvements in and around State Farm Stadium and the Phoenix metro area
Grant Calcaterra applied to be a firefighter with the Los Angeles Fire Department before returning to college football
At the NFL Honors on Thursday, first responders, trainers and the hospital staff who treated Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin were honored as he appeared on stage
Medical professionals lament how quickly ESPN cut away from the life-saving actions of medical staff after the collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin
The NFL safety “continues to progress remarkably in his recovery,” the team says
An hour before each kickoff, medical personnel from both teams, as well as stadium medical staff, meet to review resources
EMS1 readers expressed their support for the on-field medical team, speculated on a possible diagnosis and wished safety Damar Hamlin a full recovery
Social media discussions have included CPR best practices, information on cardiac care and expressions of pride in the industry
After Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest, EMS providers restored his heartbeat and transported him
Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin appeared to collapse following a play on the field; trainers from both teams rushed to his aid and an ambulance was brought on the turf
This week’s photo captures a tense moment during Monday night’s NFL game between the Bills and the Tennessee Titans
Be prepared for Super Bowl-related emergencies, from avocado mishaps to cardiac arrest
The lawsuit claims EMS providers bypassed closer hospitals, instead transporting Zachary Polsenberg to a hospital 20 miles away after he collapsed during practice
Five local ambulance companies will provide emergency services free of charge throughout the high school football season
ePCR data from more than 1,000 EMS agencies filtered to understand frequency and type of football players injuries
Joseph Bauer gave doctors a ‘thumbs up’ Tuesday after being knocked unconscious by a firefighter and another man at an NFL game Sunday
The district has decided to place paramedics and EMTs on sidelines for football games with an ambulance stationed nearby
While some areas offer two free ALS units at every game, other locations don’t have ambulances on standby at any game
Luke Schemm, 17, had just scored the extra point after a touchdown when he ran to the sidelines and collapsed
Wyatt Barber became unconscious after running sprints and later died at the hospital
We asked EMS providers about the presence of ambulances at games, the personnel available and their training to treat sports-related injuries