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If passed, the bill would allow state counties to charge a “fire protection fee” to help bridge the funding gap of additional paid staff
The increase would offset the costs of inflation and salary increases for EMS providers, officials said
The Municipal Emergency Services Authority in Lancaster County will set fees as it aims to address industry challenges
“This is really just kind of like a bridge contract for [Hidalgo County] to try to figure out how we’re going to survive,” said Commissioner David L. Fuentes
Union president Mark Barrett said he would like to see the additional funds go toward employee pay and retention
The Sturtevant board decided not to take up the South Shore Fire Department’s proposal that would have increased ambulance fees by up to $150 and increased mileage charges fivefold
The South Shore Fire Department is seeking a $100 fee increase for residents and a $150 increase for non-residents, plus a $25 per mile fee
The billing of fees issued to insurance companies for medical care rendered by Vallejo firefighters was suspended until further notice after patients mistook fee notices for bills
Vallejo officials are working to better clarify that the “bills” received by patients are actually information copies showing fees to be paid by insurance carriers
The city has not adjusted its ambulance fees since 2007
The change could help the city’s fire department recover more of the costs of providing fee-related EMS services
Jamie Hardin, AMR operations manager, estimates it takes crews between 20 minutes and an hour to respond to calls to help people after they fall