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Fiscal, retention and operational considerations for election week and the EMS purse and pay
While we don’t know what we will wake up to on Nov. 4, we must focus on professionalism, choosing to help, not acting as accelerant
Mr. President, may this time be a period of rest, reflection and renewal as you lead the nation during the COVID-19 national emergency
A charge of disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds was filed in the District of Columbia against Andrew Williams, a Sanford firefighter
One woman was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police, and three others died in “medical emergencies,” per DC police
A woman who was killed by police was part of a crowd that was breaking down the doors to a barricaded room. Three other people died from medical emergencies during the protest
The Consolidated Appropriations Act does not include COVID-19 aid for state and local governments, but does include provisions to help fire and EMS
A total of 2,226 union members voted, with 1,444 voting to uphold the endorsement and 782 voting to rescind it; the city’s Black firefighters’ organization sued IAFF Local 22 over the endorsement last week
Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Union IAFF Local 22 members gathered outside union headquarters to voice their opposition at a meeting
The IAFF Local 22 president criticized national union heads for endorsing Biden last April “without ... the consideration of the rank and file IAFF membership”
The Treasury Department acknowledges defunding the program between August 2016 and May 2020 to cover “delinquent Medicare Secondary Payer debt” owed by various entities within NYC
President Donald Trump told a reporter he was hearing “for the first time” that ambulance services had not been fully reimbursed
Melania Trump delivered a donation of boxed lunches prepared by the White House chefs, Be Best tote bags, reusable face masks and hand sanitizer
President Donald Trump stressed the importance of EMS providers in “one of the most daunting and demanding challenges the country has ever faced”
President Donald Trump’s plan focuses on increasing domestic production of supplies and identifying high-need areas