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Guests Ed Racht and Rhonda Kelly talk wellness in this LIVE episode of Inside EMS
Join guests Ed Racht and Rhonda Kelly in this episode of Inside EMS
MMR shares their journey to adopt a pet who provides unconditional support
USAR TF-8’s cattle dog, Staffordshire bull terrier mix works to rescue live victims
Only 115 bodies have been recovered in the wildfire and fewer than half of have been identified
Dogs and handlers work a rotating schedule in the rubble to find closure for families
Wake County EMS Paramedic Will Holland’s therapy dog gave him a hug at a recent expo
The bill stipulates that dogs can be transported by ambulance as long as no person requires medical attention
After attempting to join its owner on the transport, a dog chased the ambulance to the hospital and waited outside of the facility
As part of the “ROG the Dog” animal-assisted therapy initiative, 30+ dogs will be stationed across the country to deploy following emergencies
K-9 Sita became the first test pilot dog, allowing paramedics to train in emergency animal care
“Thor” is helping Mecklenburg (N.C.) EMS study the effects of therapy dogs on dispatchers’ vitals following stressful 911 calls
Several people were hospitalized and at least one refused transport after the shooting; the dog was also shot
A woman rushed the 12-week-old puppy to the fire station where medics administered naloxone using a pediatric nebulizer mask
The golden doodle puppy will soon begin training to provide emotional support to providers and patients