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The annual gathering of medical directors also explored ways to cardiac arrestsurvival rates and touched on community paramedicine
Robert White was honored for his nonprofit Safe Kids York County, where he helps host more than 200 events and programs for car seat, gun, bicycle and water safety
Licensing requirements and varying degrees of experience can make it difficult for returning servicemen to find jobs, but programs are emerging that can help
During a time of racial tension and social upheaval, the movement helped form the foundations of the pre-hospital care we’re used to today
ACEP report describes need to create safety programs, and a culture of safety integral to every facet of EMS
More than 300 EMS providers, executives and medical directors discussed the future of transformative changes occurring in payment and reimbursement policies and EMS-driven innovations
Rampart is the cornerstone of a sophisticated emergency medical system with cutting-edge goals that mirror some of the leading ideas in healthcare reform, community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare
Protocols and partnerships are critical to success of implementing a nurse triage program
One central question is just how much risk responders should be expected to take on?
From its rescue swimmer programs to its innovative use of data to improve clinical care, Nature Coast EMS is continually seeking out ways to be more efficient while doing more for the community
The goals of all health care reform efforts are summed up by the “Triple Aim": lowered costs, improved patient experience and improved outcomes
Pain is one of the primary reasons people call 911; there’s a growing concern in EMS that providers aren’t doing enough to assess, treat and relieve pain
Through the widespread adoption of the NEMSIS standard and the commitment among individual EMS providers to participate in building the state and national databases, EMS is showing that it can adapt to new health care realities
After a string of fatalities from ambulance-involved collisions in 2012, this video created by a N.J. agency shows how drivers react to sirens, and supports using them only in a true emergency
There should be a more formal system in place to make sure responders get the support they need
Over the course of a decade, the program has grown to include 21 PCI hospitals in the state, about 100 referring hospitals and more than 500 EMS agencies
Grant funded program aims to improve bystander CPR and cardiac arrest survival in Bozeman, Mont.
A field training officer protects current workers by making sure new paramedic partners have the skills and knowledge to do the job safely and effectively