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Boston Marathon

A six-year push for the day of appreciation, inspired by heroism and tragedy, culminated in the designation of Oct. 28 to honor first responders
The retiring superintendent discusses leadership, partnership, cooperation and interoperability
O’Hare joins the podcast to discuss training and lessons from his role in the Boston Marathon bombing response
Taunton Firefighter Chad Larivee did not let a spinal cord injury keep him out of the race
Police officers, firefighters and providers from other agencies also are on site
Gresham firefighter Nick Haney helped administer CPR to Meghan Roth, whom he’d met through a mutual friend
Good communication and pre-planning: What the Boston Marathon bombing taught us
New Hampshire Paramedic Bobby O’Donnell offered advice for managing the mental impact of the COVID-19 crisis
Detective Luis Alvarez was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016, which he traced to the three months spent in the rubble of the World Trade Center’s twin towers after the 2001 terrorist attacks
Five years has made a world of difference to first responders on the ground in Boston on race day
As the fifth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaches, Cambridge Fire Department officials say they are ready for potential terrorist activity
“I really remember the frantic look on the paramedics’ faces when they came in the room ... it felt like a haze, like time sort of slowed down,” Dr. Peter Smulowitz said
The movie, “Stronger,” will screen at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston
The St. Louis Fire Department sent FOX25 a letter Tuesday confirming Shawn Daniel lied and did not respond to the bombing
Fire officials confirmed the person’s identity in the photo as a Boston firefighter
Colleagues and supervisors of Shawn Daniel insist he was not in Boston the day of the bombing
HBO documentary film about Boston Marathon bombing earns respect of emergency responders and survivors
A National Academy of Medicine paper describes best practices for EMS responses to active shooter, bombing and terror attacks
Walter Dunbar said April 15, 2013 changed his entire outlook on life
Victoria McGrath, 23, received severe shrapnel injuries to her left leg from the first of two bombs placed near the marathon finish line
Follow expert recommendations for cops to quickly care for rapid bleeding or airway obstruction
Unanimous jury decision sets the stage for execution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in what could be the nation’s first execution of a terrorist in the post-9/11 era
Regular donations of time, treasure, and talent should become the norm for EMS agencies
Volunteers from local businesses teamed up to remodel the station lounge to thank responders for their work during Boston Marathon bombing, and every day
The banners honored victims and survivors on the two year anniversary of the 2013 bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon
People openly wept and hugged as church bells tolled at 2:49 p.m., the time the first bomb went off at the race’s finish line April 15, 2013
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of all 30 counts against him, including conspiracy and deadly use of a weapon of mass destruction; 17 of those charges are punishable by death