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First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
The benefits are clear, but where to start? Learn how to find, fund and implement a therapy dog program, and download a fillable caretaking schedule
Animal bites and envenomations pose some interesting challenges to EMS providers
Christopher Ward began vomiting, passing out and stopped breathing
A Silver Cliff woman was gored in the legs by a mule deer while she was leaving her home
East Haddam EMTs and firefighters treated the kitten, dubbed Soot, with pet CPR and oxygen
Utilizing special tools and the prompt assistance of a backhoe, the 24-year-old mare was successfully extricated
The driver of a camper van in the Death Valley National Park braked suddenly to avoid running over the tarantula
Utica first responders treated an injured zookeeper after they “came in contact” with a male African lion
A 73-year-old woman was flown to a hospital after being attacked in the Flathead National Forest
Dispatchers determined the driver’s location using her phone’s GPS and first responders transported her to hospital
Police in Parkers Prairie had to euthanize the bull before EMS could reach and treat the patient
First responders in fire and police boats, along with the U.S. Coast Guard, responded to a crash off Long Island’s south shore
A Murrieta woman had 100,000 bees living in the walls of her house
Bees in Petaluma swarmed a man when he went to pick up his remote controlled airplane near commercial hives