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In Public Safety features analysis and commentary on issues relating to emergency management and fire services. Articles are authored by leading experts with decades of experience.

A Guide for Public Safety Leaders
A firefighter relates her experiences responding to Hurricane Michael in southwest Georgia
Exploring emergency management solutions to the continual upward trend in government response and recovery spending
EMS organizations can benefit from adopting the fire service model of a command structure as part of their response strategy
It’s important to know that there are other treatment options available that can help improve mental health
Counseling provides a welcoming space for children to discuss worries and share experiences unique to being in a first responder family
First responder families face unique stressors, which can be overcome with the help of a professional family counselor
Anticipating potential targets, and preplanning a coordination and communication plan are keys to an organized response
Medication can be extremely effective in helping first responders recover and regain a healthy balance
Ask your counselor these questions to understand confidentiality and their understanding of first responder culture
Legislation recognizes and remembers first responder line of duty deaths
What the U.S. can learn from other countries about emergency response to terrorist events
First responders often feel underappreciated in the public sector
Decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and line-of-duty death with these steps to stay firefighter ready to protect your community
Educating friends about EMS PTSD can prevent innocent questions that can undo years of mental health work and progress
Using community paramedicine resources to monitor opioid-addicted patients detoxing at home could relieve the burden on EMS and ERs
Your partner at home can be your best resource in regard to your mental health
Environmental disasters can expose first responders to asbestos, putting them at risk for mesothelioma
When we travel, we get a chance to see other cities, meet other emergency management professionals and discover hazards that exist for the area we’re visiting
You may be surprised to treat more psych than critical patients, but protect the ABCs and you’ll be off to a great start in a career in EMS
Moderating exposure to secondary trauma and practicing self-care can help EMTs and paramedics avoid PTSD
California legislation proposes former inmates as emergency medical technicians
Infectious disease monitoring expanded amid Ebola Outbreak in the Congo
Take these steps to get quality sleep to protect against mental and physical health effects
Data-driven decision making: triaging emergencies with computer-aided dispatch systems
At NAEMT’s advocacy event, EMS participants from 37 states spoke with members of congress about legislation that impacts the profession
Communication at home, recognizing PTSD throughout the ranks and preparing in advance can help paramedics and EMTs handle the consequences of the trauma they experience
Join NAEMT in Washington, D.C., to discuss change in EMS before congressional representatives
A method of helping the combat veteran community is helping first responders cope with traumatic events by creating a narrative