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We train extensively on blunt trauma and GSWs, but stab wounds also present a real danger for patients
Our co-hosts discuss a new bill that recently passed Virginia’s Senate to allow EMS providers the option to conceal carry on the job
True concern requires a look beyond singular events and towards methods to eradicate a child’s replica-gun-involved death.
The suspect was found to possess 20 guns and 4 grams of meth and had been considering stealing the fire truck and ambulance, Rochester police said
Police said the woman was also carrying a bullwhip and a knife
The man walked toward medics with the hatchet, then threw the hatchet at the ambulance, police said
During transport, a man allegedly attacked 2 EMTS with a knife and took over the wheel for a short period of time before one EMT wrestled it back
Police say the man became combative after experiencing an apparent overdose and was found to be carrying a BB gun in his pocket
The woman reportedly charged at a paramedic with the machete before fleeing
Police say a suspect launched the metal ball bearing using a slingshot-type device and was armed with a crowbar, a knife, flares and possible pyrotechnics
The man who allegedly carried three explosive devices into Stony Brook University was apprehended after the EMT reported him to hospital security
In order to carry, personnel would need written permission from a supervisor, and to complete an eight-hour firearm training course
State Rep. Clay Doggett introduced the bill and said on-scene safety has “been an overwhelming concern” for first responders
SB 1012 would allow specific firefighters and EMS providers to carry a concealed weapon
Christopher Barlow, 20, was armed with a handgun and double-edged knife when he was arrested