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Our cohosts discuss EMS funding, volunteerism and what’s needed to make way for growth
Priority would be given to applicants whose proposals will expand coverage, improve response times, and help organizations provide medical transport and services
As the state continues to grapple with an EMS shortage, college programs are exploring ways to expand and enhance the state’s pool of first responders
The study’s lead researcher said the findings are a strong reminder that bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest should quickly call 911 and perform CPR
Left unaddressed, the funding and workforce issues could negatively impact EMS response times in Minnesota as fewer agencies cover larger geographic areas, a panel member said
Providers are able to choose from 45 different training simulations; the most requested topic is sepsis, the unit’s executive director said
Dr. Mark McAllister called a local ambulance service and said, “Get me an ambulance with somebody who can drive it”
The lack of EMS availability in the area has led a group of Stamford Fire Department members, EMS providers and residents to form the Northern Catskills EMS Council
Are EMS leaders prepared to take advantage of new and existing programs in 2022?
Swamped by the fifth wave of COVID-19, Washington is taking action to protect rural hospitals from being overwhelmed
Rural EMS has been hit hard by COVID. Here are some tips for identifying funding for recruitment and wellness programs
OMI President Felix Marquez shares how VR training is helping rural Florida EMS agencies maintain critical pediatric emergency skills
A West Virginia county takes a whole-community approach to implementing broadband
Acadian collaborated with the Boy Scouts of America and We Are Blood to expand the programs to Bastrop County
The HRSA Strategic Plan outlines four mission-critical goals, including improve access to quality health services and achieve health equity