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Ken Bouvier, NRP, offers the dos and don’ts to treating household hazmat scenarios and emerging threats
The severity of recent illnesses and toxicity concerns Robb Bassett with the Poison Control Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The patient required 44 vials of anti-venom as a result of the bite from a Gaboon Viper, one of the deadliest snakes in the world
Joshua Hunsucker was arrested Monday in relation to the 2019 burning of medical equipment mid-flight
Share these COVID-19 myth busters with your communities and encourage them to seek direction from their healthcare providers
Joshua Lee Hunsucker is accused of killing his wife in order to collect her life insurance
Since legalizing and selling marijuana last November, state emergency rooms have seen dozens of children who have ingested edibles
Responders were trying to determine the amount the toddler drank and whether the child swallowed any other substance
The hole, just wide enough to fit a body and about 15 feet deep, was filled with hydrogen sulfide and methane gas created from years of rotted vegetation
Officials said 10 responders from the police, fire and EMS departments were also taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure
Officials said 33 others have been hospitalized for drinking a bath lotion that contained methanol
FEMA officials say 121 Ohio public safety agencies and organizations have sent approximately 400 people to train at the facility in question
Ricin, a toxin from the seeds of the castor oil plant, is lethal to humans in even tiny doses
The wife of a Florida paramedic reported the theft and believed the medications were intended to poison her
Drug overdoses, accidental poisonings are up 78 percent over a decade and now exceed vehicle crashes as the top accidental killer in the U.S.
On average, a child was hospitalized every day for some injury involving a laundry pod
The pet shop employee was found unresponsive and in his car with puncture wounds on his wrist; another snake and tarantulas found in his car
The children found a full, open vial of mercury in a freezer; the apartment unit was immediately evacuated
The victims, all over age 70, were discovered by a relative; one patient on garage floor next to a still running car
A portable generator was found without gas inside the home; police are investigating
10 students were exposed, one may have ingested mercury that a student brought to junior high school
A 27-year-old is accused of feeding her son salt at toxic levels and documenting his decline on social media as rising sodium levels led to a swollen brain, seizures and death
Multiple EMS and fire agencies respond to players, spectators reporting headaches, dizziness, vomiting after hockey game
Police report 1-year-old found unresponsive and rushed to hospital; concern grows for more poisonous ingestions as e-cigarettes rise in popularity
Hazmat teams, fire departments, ambulances and a gas company respond to incident; patients transported to 3 hospitals