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Hit and Run

Gwinnett County Captain Chris Bilik positioned his vehicle to block traffic and called 911; a second firefighter also rendered aid until EMS providers arrived
But House and Senate members may work together to alter the legislation prompted by a Cleveland firefighter’s death
The driver fled the scene after rear-ending a Sun Prairie ambulance during a patient transport
A Memphis Fire Department paramedic was hit by a driver while walking in the parking lot of a gas station
Greenville County Sheriff’s officials say there was a young child in the truck where the woman was reportedly passed out
The rig was recovered about an hour after the crash
Police said the woman, Nastasia Snape, 23, was found to be in possession of a synthetic drug called T salts
The MetroAtlanta Ambulance crew still completed their shift despite the two crashes, including a hit-and-run
The suspect was removed from the roof with the assistance of Boston firefighters
Officials say the driver of the truck fled on foot following the crash
The police medic suffered a dislocated left ulna, fractured left hand and neck and back pain
Police said the driver was distracted by an argument with another driver when he rolled into the ambulance