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From burns to bleeding, head trauma to amputation, be prepared for when fireworks go wrong
Matiss Kivlenieks died over the weekend when explosives misfired and hit him in the chest
Employees from a local fireworks company were injured during the explosion
The incident caught on video was a “total, catastrophic failure of the containment vehicle,” said Police Chief Michel Moore
First responders treated a man with injuries to his hands and abdomen after handling “large fireworks,” the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said
Other bills still up for consideration include one increasing penalties for assaulting first responders and one that aims for more police accountability
The celebration earlier this month turned chaotic as crowds set off fireworks and clashed with police
Share these fireworks injury prevention tips with your community to promote safe celebration
Cleveland EMS responded to the scene early Tuesday morning where a “large amount” of fireworks had been set off
Fresno fire investigator Don MacAlpine said his unit is going after sellers who advertise illegal fireworks
Honolulu EMS said the woman’s death was among dozens of other fireworks-related incidents over the weekend
The explosion killed 32 people and left dozens badly burned
The Mexican Red Cross said it sent 10 ambulances with 50 paramedics to the market, where emergency crews attended to victims