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Join guests Ed Racht and Rhonda Kelly in this episode of Inside EMS
Our co-hosts discuss the week’s top stories and how providers can positively impact the EMS industry during their career
Our co-hosts recount the EMS stories that generated the most debate on the podcast during the year; do you agree with their conclusions?
Check out the results from this year’s polls, which captured the pulse of the EMS1 community throughout 2022
Chesapeake police believe “less than 10" people have died, after officers sent rescue and tactical teams inside to render aid
Albany’s fire chief said Firefighter Edward J. Verhoff died over the weekend while off duty
Firefighter-Paramedic Thomas “Tommy” Harkelrode joined the Niles Fire Department in 2018
A passenger from the Missouri Amtrak derailment shares details of the response involving nearly 20 local and state agencies
The film “Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis” sets out to explore the value of EMS, problems with the system and solutions in place
In a statement, President Joe Biden declared May 15-21 as EMS Week, and highlighted the commitment and sacrifice of the nation’s providers
This week’s photo captures a remarkable action shot as providers rush to help a cowboy who went down during the South Texas State Fair and Rodeo
Leading the charge to combat COVID-19, promote telehealth and advance the EMS agenda, while prioritizing patients and staff
Our co-hosts discuss several EMS items in the news and how they impact first responders on the ground
Listen and watch the council’s first meeting of 2020 as they discuss issues pertinent to emergency services personnel and the industry
The names of 34 new fellows were recently published by the National Association of EMS Physicians