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Detroit EMS

The selection of one trauma center over another should not be the basis for making operational changes
Co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson comment on the week’s news, including the suspension of an EMT who left his partner and patient to help a girl who was choking
Compassion is what gives EMS meaning and an EMT or medic that lacks it needs to leave the tough work to the rest of us
The Detroit EMS unit was transporting a patient at the time of the crash
The short film takes an intimate look at the experience of EMS providers on the front lines
The Detroit Fire Department said an ambulance was badly damaged after it was stolen and crashed on the same day a Detroit fire truck was also involved in a crash
“Do not automatic dispatch EMS to a fire scene,” the memo reads, listing reasons to send a unit
The union president wants Detroit EMS to respond rather than private EMS
Alfredo Rojas and his partner were stabbed in the face and hands while treating a patient in October
The plaintiff accused the two EMTs of hitting him while he was having a seizure
Kelly Adams testified in court about the attack that left one side of her face paralyzed
The pay issues have been an ongoing problem in Detroit
A car didn’t yield at an intersection to the ambulance that was travelling with lights and sirens activated
EMTs Kelly Adams and Al Rojas talk about the attack, their injuries and getting back to work with their co-workers at a fundraiser
Medics will go through communication and mental health training; the fire commissioner is also considering introducing body armors