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The Bicycle Emergency Response Team is engaging the community, while providing quick response to difficult-to-access venues
As the Sentry 2023 U.S. Senior Open Championship nears, the Aspirus EMS Bike Team is ready to respond
A college medical director and physician also stopped at the crash scene where the EMT, who was his student, was aiding the injured cyclist
The e-bikes can go nearly 30 miles per hour and will help provide time-sensitive ALS support at LAX, according to the LAFD
The first responders on bicycles will be able to respond to medical emergencies more quickly than on larger apparatus
Officials say the ambulance had its lights and sirens activated when the cyclist rode into its path and was thrown under one of its wheels
The medic is said to be in serious but stable condition after being resuscitated and transported to the hospital
MedStar bike medics are providing treatment to the injured resulting is a dramatic reduction in ambulance and fire calls
The completion of the bike ride will be followed by the National EMS Memorial Service, which will honor 26 EMS providers who died in the line of duty in 2018
The addition of bikes to the fire department would allow paramedics to respond more quickly and efficiently to medical emergencies
Designed to fit over the back wheel of a bicycle, the bag is able to safely store medical equipment, including an oxygen cylinder
An ambulance struck two people on a bicycle early Wednesday morning after trying to avoid a collision
Since May 20,the 28-member bike team has staffed 13 events and treated 18 patients, even saving one patient’s life
About 50 paramedics are part of the bike division; three members take care of the bikes and equipment
Authorities had to turn off power in the area before they could approach the bicyclist and confirm he was dead
Brad Treat, 38, a law-enforcement officer with the U.S. Forest Service, was attacked by a grizzly bear while mountain biking near Glacier National Park
The truck killed 5 and injured 4 cyclists, leaving first responders with a chaotic and spread out scene
Sheila Jeske visited the site of the crash after being discharged from the hospital, but she has no recollection of the incident
San Francisco Fire Department paramedics have trained for airport bicycle response when traffic is high
Members of the Gaylord Minn. ambulance service responded to the call for their boss, a former police officer
A tire blowout on a closed, downhill course caused a chain reaction collision; police investigator from Brazil died of his injuries
John Kerry fell after hitting a curb in France; paramedics and a physician in his motorcade provided him immediate medical care
Bruce Pye suffered head and internal injuries; he was taken by ambulance to the hospital but was later pronounced dead