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The anaphylaxis topic includes articles, columns and videos about the signs, symptoms, treatment and management of this severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

A flight paramedic shares her harrowing experience of a severe allergic reaction to medication and her gratitude to the flight nurse who treated her
Spoiler alert, we are terrible at giving epinephrine to anaphylaxis patients. But we’re going to fix this right now!
Watch as EMS clinicians respond to an allergic reaction at, of all places, an allergy clinic
Firefighters had to use foam to rescue the worker at the Sun City West golf course
Approximately 20 children were stung after a hive was disturbed at a summer camp in Topsfield
A Murrieta woman had 100,000 bees living in the walls of her house
Bees in Petaluma swarmed a man when he went to pick up his remote controlled airplane near commercial hives
Carl Amos was alone when he tried to escape to safety, but he tripped and broke his hip
Four distinct events must occur in order for an anaphylactic reaction to manifest
The bill was recently advanced by the state Assembly Health Committee
The service was sued for reportedly not carrying IV epinephrine to treat the woman’s severe allergic reaction
Shelly LeGere is currently campaigning to have ALS fire apparatus respond to medical calls
The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology notes that vaccines should be administered in a healthcare setting where anaphylaxis can be quickly treated
The mother of Davidson County Rescue Squad Paramedic Richard Montgomery reports that he died from a severe anaphylactic reaction after a bite or sting while on a call
Deputy Fire Chief Bill Lounsbury jumped into action to help a fellow passenger who was in medical distress during the flight from Las Vegas to Connecticut