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Mutual aid ambulance response as bees sting children at Mass. camp

Approximately 20 children were stung after a hive was disturbed at a summer camp in Topsfield


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By Heather Morrison

TOPSFIELD, Mass. — About 20 children were attacked by bees at a Topsfield summer camp on Monday after a hive had been disturbed, Topsfield Police Chief Neal Hovey and Fire Chief Jen Collins-Brown said.

The person who called 911 said about 20 children had been stung by bees and that most children had been stung multiple times at Tritown Council Leg Morning Workshop Summer Camp being held at Trinity Church in Topsfield. NECN reported one boy was stung 17 times by the bees.

One child was showing signs of anaphylaxis, police said. First responders arrived two minutes after the 911 call and the child was taken to the hospital.

Mutual aid ambulances and additional police were called due to the number of possible patients but it was later determined that they would not be needed.

The fire department said TTC Horizons Coordinator Director Beth Whalley and Workshop Coordinators Instructors Kevin Husson and Sue Thompso recognized that a hive had been disturbed and moved the children to safety. This “undoubtedly prevented more serious injuries,” the department said. They also provided ice packs, care and comfort to the campers.

“We are grateful for such a supportive and well-trained camp leadership,” the statement read. “We look forward to seeing these brave Lego robotics and engineering creators back tomorrow creating great projects.”

The fire department warned that there has been a “significant uptick” in bee-related medical calls in August.

“Remember to stay vigilant when out and about, if concerned about an allergic reaction, don’t hesitate to call 911,” the department said.

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