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Mich. first responders promote vehicle decal program for residents with medical conditions

Muskegon County’s “Yellow Dot” program will allow first responders to render needed treatment more quickly after a crash or medical emergency


Photo/Norton Shores Fire Department

By Laura French

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. — First responders in a Michigan county are promoting a program that could help them render needed care more quickly after a vehicle crash or other emergency.

Muskegon County’s “Yellow Dot” program is designed to make first responders aware of a patient’s specific medical needs through a yellow decal displayed on the window of the patient’s vehicle, according to WZZM13. The decal signals that the driver has a medical condition so first responders know to retrieve more detailed information stored in a yellow envelope in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

The program is aimed at older adults and those with existing medical conditions. Participants are provided with a free decal and form to put in their glove box that can include a basic medical history, their blood type, allergies and other important information.

First responders said the program will help answer important medical questions that a patient may not be able to answer if they are rendered unconscious after a crash or medical emergency. Officials also noted medical emergencies can sometimes be the cause of a vehicle crash, and the information provided by the program can help responders determine what care a patient will need.

Yellow Dot launched in a limited capacity in 2019, but received more funding in 2020 to spread more widely throughout the county. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling open houses and community events to spread the word about the program, the county’s 10 police agencies and 14 fire agencies have been promoting the program through social media, hoping to distribute at least 3,000 Yellow Dot kits as soon as possible.

Norton Shores Police and Fire recently produced a video explaining the program, which was posted to YouTube this week.