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Teaming up on anaphylaxis

Watch as EMS clinicians respond to an allergic reaction at, of all places, an allergy clinic

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In this episode of the Reel Emergency Vodcast, EMS clinicians respond to a man having an allergic reaction at an allergy clinic, of all places.

Many EMS clinicians have experience responding to clinics of various kinds; what has been your experience interacting with another healthcare team? This EMS crew immediately recognizes the severity of the reaction, and they treat it accordingly with airway interventions and a variety of medications.

Join Drs. Antevy, Spiro and Piehl who review this case with special guest Zach Dunlap, clinical director at Cypress Creek EMS in Houston, Texas. Also joining is Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD, Prodigy EMS’s medical director.

Reel Emergency covers the latest evidence with real cases in emergency and critical care medicine. Produced in partnership with ReelDx, Handtevy and 410 Medical. CE available from Prodigy EMS.

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Join Drs. Peter Antevy, Mark Piehl and David Spiro as they present Reel Emergency, an interactive vodcast discussing the latest data and best practices in emergency and critical care medicine. Cases are illustrated by actual patient video. These three leaders in the pediatric field will use their experience to cover the spectrum of care from out-of-hospital, to the ED to the ICU.

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