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Virtual & Augmented Reality

OMI President Felix Marquez shares how VR training is helping rural Florida EMS agencies maintain critical pediatric emergency skills
Maintaining skill sets through regular training is more important than ever, even if it is through online platforms
Israel’s national EMS organization uses virtual reality technologies to simulate MCI scenes and train any member to become a scene commander
Trainers across the country are including pyrotechnics, paid actors and virtual reality to better simulate realism for first responders
OSU professors and members of the South Central Ambulance District tested VR technology in a MCI scenario
Researchers aim to measure the value of virtual reality for providers as they work to identify signs of severe illness and infants and children
Download this EMS1 virtual EMS education solutions buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
University of Pennsylvania researchers said the video was as effective as in-person training at teaching bystanders to respond to overdoses
A demonstration showed real-time interactions between an EMS provider and a doctor two miles apart using 5G and VR technologies
The virtual reality simulation training, designed specifically for first responders, launches in November 2019
They will award up to $125,000 for the top seven designs that create a concept for a first responder heads-up display
“Flat Line” puts users in an ambulance and gives them the point-of-view of someone dying
A 360-degree video camera allows faculty to recreate real life locations and situations
The goal is to familiarize residents with the sights and sounds of trauma bays and the different roles played by doctors, medics, nurses and technicians who attend to patients