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Activating the surgical team: A low-frequency, high-risk emergency procedure in the field
Flight physician Cynthia M. Griffin shares lessons learned from an emergency surgical cricothyrotomy performed in a prehospital setting
Cardiac assist device provides mechanical support for a heart in crisis
Rescuers worked for hours removing Quanishia White-Berry’s left leg above the knee
How “Little Doug,” a friend of Green Bay Metro crewmembers, survived another serious medical issue
“They all saved my life,” recounted Derek Oldfather, whose leg became trapped in a conveyor belt on a job site
This year’s key findings include information on antibiotic use, injury severity, hospital events and hip fracture surgeries
With a partly crushed skull and a broken jaw, J.C. La Verde kept swimming until he reached safety
Beaufort County EMS Paramedic Sara Cathey and 2-year-old Natalyn Mann are recuperating after a long but successful procedure
North Catawba Fire and Rescue’s Brian Fagen has had five blood transfusions and four surgeries since the incident, which took place at gathering with friends
Approximately 100 members of Boston Fire, plus Boston EMS crews and a surgical team, responded to the collapse and rescued three victims
The Salt River Fire Department has “a rotation right now where our guys are standing by at the hospital nonstop until he wakes up,” said Capt. Ray Martinez
Adam Ritchotte, an Army veteran, was using a boning knife to cut a beef shoulder when the knife slipped and went 4 inches into his groin
Fire/EMS officials called in a team of surgeons to perform the rare field amputation after a tree fell on the victim’s house, trapping his leg
Detroit EMS Supervisor Capt. Robert Calandro’s surgery to have the tumor removed was canceled due to the pandemic
Community members have raised more than $13,000 to help Seymour Ambulance Capt. P.J. Bridge with medical expenses
First responders and community members have raised more than $50,000 to help EMT Randy Hoffman during his recovery
New protocol virtually did away with pain pumps, devices that allow patients to dose themselves with morphine after surgery
Dr. Allan MacIntyre spoke about his experience in the ER after the Las Vegas shooting at the California Hospital Association’s Disaster Planning Conference
A panel of doctors, nurses and patients recommended doctors prescribe far fewer opioids for 20 common surgeries such as hysterectomies and breast surgeries
The fundraiser was held for Rory Barros to help with his out-of-pocket expenses for a high-tech military prosthetic that could cost upwards of $200,000
“Once again, we are confronted with a specter of a mass casualty situation... this is unfortunate and it continues,” Dr. Andre Campbell said
Zac Santiago was attacked after confronting the teens about using drugs on an abandoned property
The MD-10 cargo plane lands in developing countries, treats patients suffering from eye diseases, trains the local doctors and then flies to the next location
Rory Barros had the operation performed after having 14 surgeries to try and save his leg
A group of surgeons at the University of Michigan are trying a new approach with post-surgical patients to decrease their risk of addiction
Shawn Betts was helping a woman who had fallen when he suffered supraventricular tachycardia and was diagnosed with a rare heart defect
Rory Barros will be sent to a recovery hospital after undergoing 13 surgeries and synthetic skin grafts
“It’s a demographic that people are more reluctant to challenge,” Hartford Healthcare Network Senior VP Patricia Rehmer said