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Laguna Beach theater students used their makeup, costume skills to play the part of patients for EMT students
Careerline Tech Center students worked through several scenarios evaluating their skills as they prepare for a career in EMS
To improve the current system, the CAAHEP and CoAEMSP plan to launch voluntary AEMT accreditation
“I started doing what we learned,” said Giselle Torres, a student in an EMS class at the Careerline Tech Center
Teaching research in the context of clinical care with effective, meaningful learning experiences
Are you fluent in medical shorthand? Check out this list of abbreviations and download a copy of PDF flashcards to test yourself
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A helicopter landed on the school’s football field to transport a student after a possible fall
We can add “passionate” into our wish list in EMS educators, but can we demand it? Can we measure it?
From equipment hacks to patient care tips and interview coaching for new recruits, these providers are educating others on the popular social media app
Elevate safety for yourself, your team and the patient to a principle and the most important thing throughout the call
“There were insufficient facts to determine if the testing process was violated by the other members of the class,” a D.C. Fire and EMS spokeswoman said
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss an article from Andrea Abbas on five flaws that trip leaders up and cause a disconnect with field crews