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A Logan County paramedic once worked a 120-hours shift and transports sometimes have a 6-7 hour turnaround time
Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities
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5 ways a good partner can make the shift go more smoothly and improve patient and provider safety
Join Fitch & Associates, EMS1 and EMS Survey Team to examine the perceptions and experiences of EMS providers across the country
“The safety equipment industry deserves high praise for your work during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the physician-scientist
Plum EMS use cases demonstrate when the risk of using L&S is lower than the risk of delaying a lifesaving intervention
The Washington County Board of Supervisors held closed-door sessions about personnel and management issues
Response to these medical emergencies should focus on intervention and treatment of the patient
In Pennsylvania, “the lowest form of government is responsible for public safety,” said Eric Henry, who operates Meadville Area Ambulance Service
Doug Dick, EMS chief and founder of Superior Ambulance Service and Education Institute, is looking to county and state legislators and 22 municipalities for funds
Safety Director Karrie Howard: Nicole Carlton “has proven herself an effective leader during several major events within the city. Carlton is a dedicated public servant”
Download your copy, featuring red lights and siren myths, traffic incident management and safe lifting tips
Mark A. Blake was a Westport EMS supervisor and served with his son and his brother at the Weston Volunteer Fire Department
Essex County Emergency Services Director Max Thwaits III also served as chief of the Jay VFD and as an EMT for the AuSable Forks Volunteer Ambulance Squad
“We are currently operating with 60 percent of our current staffing,” said New Orleans EMS Director Dr. Meg Marino
In this tip, risk management expert Gordon Graham encourages first responders to be smart about their use of cell phones while on duty
Researchers have developed a systems-level checklist to address stress and violence affecting fire-based EMS responders
A project titled “Next Generation 9-1-1 Media and Your Telecommunicators’ Mental Health” won Navigator 2022 Research Poster of the Year
Brian Tegtmeyer has more than 26 years of experience in public safety communications
Renovo Fire Department Chief Jimmy Ray Risley has been arrested
Opioid settlement funding will continue for 11 to 18 years, and it is expected that more settlements will be forthcoming. Is your agency getting its share?
Robert Luckritz was chosen over interim chief Jasper Brown