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RAA’s Mark Tenia shares advice for connecting your messaging with your audience to promote community support
I am thankful for the EMTs and paramedics who serve their community and make a difference in the lives of others
We may be humble public servants, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spotlight our impact, particularly when the public is paying attention
A New Bedford EMS crew took the time for a small gesture of kindness for an elderly couple
A driver is dead after hitting two emergency vehicles at crash scene in Rowan County
Voters in Cedar County approved a measure funding a countywide ambulance service
Officials from several communities gathered in Fitchburg to break ground for new hangar, quarters for Air Methods Life Flight 2
Hundreds of young girls met with women in over 65 STEM-based organizations in Montgomery County
Organizers have seen a decrease in unplanned emergency department, hospital visits in the first year
AeroCare 4’s flight medic, flight nurse were reunited with a patient during a high school football game
Debbie Virgilio was well-known to Auburn first responders in her final days
Debbie Virgilio was well-known to Auburn first responders in her final days
Bettendorf High School students apprentice as vehicle service technicians before gaining national registry certification and work as an EMT
A Ross/West View EMS ambulance will posted at a Sheetz for faster response to elderly residents
Hundreds visited New Castle County paramedics to learn about what they do