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Special Coverage: Pinnacle 2017

Pinnacle is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together EMS leaders to discover innovative solutions and to explore the real potential for EMS as an essential hub of the health care system. EMS1 is the premiere media partner of Pinnacle. Find all of our Pinnacle coverage here.

The books were used to illustrate key concepts, support the speaker’s principles or to call on other leaders to be lifelong learners
Learn how four paramedic chiefs are collecting and analyzing data to fight the opioid overdose epidemic in their communities
Many EMS agencies and other public safety organizations have significant exposed risks that can lead to cyberattack data breaches and infrastructure damage
Doug Hooten, Brenda Staffan and Bob Garner were recognized for their efforts in advancing EMS as a profession
The EMS Agenda 2050 project envisions the next 30 years of EMS systems in the United States
Evidence-based recommendations to address fatigue in EMS was introduced to paramedic chiefs and EMS leaders at Pinnacle 2017
Patient engagement expert defines patient experience and how EMS creation of peak moments with patients and their families can improve patient outcomes
The compressed natural gas unit burns cleaner and lowers fuel costs
EMS1 and Fitch & Associates take an in-depth look at EMS trends in the United States and set a foundation for assessing how the EMS profession is changing
Allina Health EMS leaders discuss the importance of a strong relationship between operational leaders and the medical director
The Managing EMS Officer exam will be rolled out at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership and Management Conference this year