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Analysis of the 56 million ePCR records in the NEMSIS national dataset shows days with the most traumatic pediatric cardiac arrests in 2013 and 2014
Add your tips to this list of ideas on avoiding a collision with pedestrians
The California Department of Motor Vehicles found the Cruise service to be “an unreasonable risk to public safety”
Four people were killed and two others injured in the Pacific Coast Highway crash
Authorities in Long Beach suspect the driver intentionally drove in pedestrians
Officials say the woman was struck by a vehicle and thrown into the path of the Cruise vehicle that ran over her
An employee leaving the Flint Processing Center in Swartz Creek hit workers blocking a driveway
Fresno authorities say patients were transported to three different hospitals
The NYPD said the driver appeared to be having some type of mental crisis
A stolen vehicle went onto a sidewalk near Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan before driving the wrong way and striking another vehicle
Sergeant Justin Dodge was in front of a fire truck carrying Denver Nuggets players when the truck rolled over his leg
The fire truck struck the Denver police officer near the end of the parade route as it was turning right onto a street
Gwinnett County Captain Chris Bilik positioned his vehicle to block traffic and called 911; a second firefighter also rendered aid until EMS providers arrived
The EMT said the patient punched and kicked her, leading to his arrest; his family claims his movements were injury symptoms