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The kits contain gauze, scissors, antiseptic iodine solution, cold packs, hydrogen peroxide, mouth attachments and more
A service animal can be a great help to responders as well as the client — as long as you know the tasks it’s been trained on
K-9 Drogon is a member of South Dakota Task Force 1, which is a statewide emergency resource, available for call-out 24/7
MassBay Community College students learn canine first-aid
The hypothermic and dehydrated patient was transported by helicopter to where EMS providers could treat him
Two others, including a Raleigh Police Department K9 officer, were transported to a hospital
A security K-9 at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center discovered the device
If no humans are waiting for treatment or transport, EMTs and paramedics would be allowed to help the dogs
The new law is named after a K-9 officer who was severely injured in a shooting where his partner, Sgt. Sean Gannon, was killed
State Attorney General Ashley Moody and dozens of K-9 officers gathered Friday to promote the bill
The state bill would create protections for EMS providers who render medical care to law enforcement K-9s injured in the line of duty and transport them in an ambulance
K-9 Sita became the first test pilot dog, allowing paramedics to train in emergency animal care