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Paramedics Julie Purick and Davin Eshelman were exposed to respiratory injuries that were “secondary to the inhalation of hot smoke and gas,” the union said
Planned Senate hearing, bills find new interest as smoke from Canadian fires reaches D.C.
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
A Newton paramedic and Kingston EMT performed CPR on the firefighter and regained a pulse
Video showed smoke filling the Eastern Market station as an insulator under a train began to burn
Officers responded to a 911 call in East Lansdowne about a girl being shot immediately came under fire
Gasoline was poured into a fire pit after the fire did not ignite as expected
The 75-year-old Dalton man set himself on fire while using a lighter to open a bag of potato chips
Several patients were transported to hospitals after the two front cars of the train derailed outside of Orinda
Roseboro Rescue and EMS shifted operations after a fire destroyed a rig and damaged their station
Highlands County Fire-Rescue units were initially sent to a report of people burning debris on the side of a road
A Philadelphia firefighter and two police officers were among seven people who were injured in the fire
East Haddam EMTs and firefighters treated the kitten, dubbed Soot, with pet CPR and oxygen
A witness described the scene in Hillsboro as “a real war zone”
How to protect yourself and your patients, and take action