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EMS Today 2015

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The long-term benefits of conference attendance; and why it’s especially important for volunteer EMS providers
Answers to commonly asked questions about lapsed certification, valid continuing education, and recertification requirements
The national EMS conference in Baltimore spotlights the opportunities for EMS to move forward and the important challenges EMS professionals face
The Podmedic highlights three of his favorite products from EMS Today 2015
Syncope is common and can be a warning sign of a structural or electrical abnormality in the heart that may cause sudden death
The course can be tailored to meet specific training needs
Focus on delivering the interventions that matter for better patient outcomes
Medication administration cross check is a simple and easy to implement process to reduce medication errors
Epi, a long-time staple of ACLS, does not improve neurologically intact survival and may even harm the patient
Frequent users are better defined as ‘vulnerable adults’ and EMS has an opportunity to connect them to available community resources
Prepare ahead of time to eliminate ‘slow’ responses that require greater thought from your care of critically ill children
EMS providers need to be more aware of and train regularly for high risk-low frequency events
Presenters from the NHTSA office of EMS discuss military medic to civilian EMS, development of evidence-based EMS guidelines, and ground ambulance crash data
The national project will create a meaningful process to measure EMS systems and improve performance across systems