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22 years after the terror attacks, the number of the dead related to their exposure while working in the rescue and recovery efforts equals the number killed in the collapses
The CDC partnership with the WTC Health Program raises awareness of the physical and mental effects of the attacks and the treatment
Deaths from cancer related to the terror attacks continue to climb as do registrations with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Victims’ lawyers put on notice to have all paperwork submitted in order to speed up the application process
The addition of 43 fire and EMS members who died of illnesses related to Sept. 11 attacks nears the number killed in the collapses
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Odessa firefighter/paramedic Josh White thought the pain he was experiencing was a ruptured appendix
Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said the World Trade Center Health Program “is facing massive cuts in just a few years.”
Jason Tucker worked on cancer prevention, a special operations team and decon, Pasco County Fire Rescue said
The measure also includes members of the military who responded to 9/11 in Shanksville, Pa., and at the Pentagon, unlike the original legislation
The first firefighter-influencer of the modern era shares how his early speaking nerves transformed into a love of making comedy videos
Frank Nunez went home from the hospital with his fiancé and their dog in September
Most of the London crewmembers’ cancers are digestive varieties or leukemia
Jeffrey DiDomenico served with the department for nearly 18 years
Yankton County EMS admin Steve Hawkins died after a five-year cancer battle; his wife, Wendy, also died the same day after a recent cancer diagnosis
The CDC changed the contractors who run the National Provider Network for some 25,000 and the prescription drug benefits for the whole program
At least 50 women who worked as first responders at Ground Zero and those who were nearby may receive coverage from the World Trade Center Health Program
Pink shirts, ambulances and gloves plus messages on social media and in the news are all for the cause
Members of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad wear colorful shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
G. Wade Cannon’s cancer battle reportedly inspired other Flower Mound firefighters to get checked and two of them discovered early-stage colon cancer
Itasca first responders have been accompanying Firefighter-Paramedic Frank Nunez through his cancer battle