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The Election 2016 topic includes a variety of news, information, and feature articles about the 2016 United States presidential election.

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Christopher Suprun said individuals on social media have threatened to kill him and harm his wife and daughters if he does not vote for Trump
Christopher Suprun stands by his claim that he was a volunteer firefighter who responded to the Pentagon attack
Christopher Suprun is “exercising” his duty as an elected representative to not cast an Electoral College vote for President-elect Trump
Former firefighter and paramedic Christopher Suprun published an editorial this week in The New York Times explaining why he will not cast his vote for Trump
Fire and EMS providers have many questions heading into Jan. 20, but one big question can very well dictate how the others play out
Emergency physicians support expanding health insurance coverage to all patients and are advocating for transparency
With more questions than answers surrounding a Trump presidency, these seven items are likely to be front of mind for EMS providers
ICS, communications and pre-staging EMS personnel and equipment were critical components of the presidential candidate debate at Washington University
How do you assess and treat general weakness in a geriatric patient that faints at church or a public event?
A video posted via Twitter depicts the presidential candidate being unconsciously escorted into her vehicle Sunday
Fire marshal says fire codes, not politics, restricted size of audience
Many Trump supporters went home disappointed after the campaign significantly over-ticketed the event and then blamed the fire marshal