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Blood Test

A comic for EMS drawing off the real experiences of EMS
Understand the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
Diabetic emergencies come in a variety of types and causes, but the tools available to EMTs allow excellent evaluation and initial treatment of the patient
The BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System enables lab-quality testing in convenient locations for patients, such as local pharmacies
The testing serves a dual purpose of helping guide fire departments’ safety measures and helping paramedic students gain experience
Researchers are conducting trials to determine whether plasma from recovered patients can improve the condition of current patients
WakeMed hospital is using drones to transfer specimen samples between campus buildings to save time
“Nurse Wubbels was placed in an unfair and unwarranted positon. Her actions are nothing less than exemplary,” hospital CEO Gordon Crabtree said
Det. Jeff Payne argued that he was allowed to take blood through an “implied consent” process even though the patient was comatose
The legislation allows paramedics, with the consent of drivers, to draw blood at police stations instead of emergency rooms
Under the bill, paramedics would be able to draw blood at DUI crash scenes when a police officer is present
AMR partnered with law enforcement as part of a pilot program to increase safety and save time by doing blood draws at jail instead of a local hospital
“Absolute nightmare” for O’Brien as he waits for alleged assailant to consent to blood test