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Response Performance

Agencies and government officials must evaluate performance expectations and funding to determine appropriate EMS delivery models
The public shouldn’t have to roll the dice about their emergency services, wondering who’s going to show up
Learn how Avive’s new AED & response system can improve systems of care
Multnomah County officials issued a warning in August about 14% of calls that warranted penalties
Floyd County officials are going month-to-month with New Chapel EMS as they look at specific EMS needs, deliverables
Clark County officials changed the map and awarded Community Ambulance territory from its competitors based on response time benchmarks
Clark County officials say AMR and MedicWest have failed in the first quarter of 2023 despite having a reduced response area
AMR was at “level zero” while firefighters were treating the victim for nearly 30 minutes
Decatur Morgan Hospital Ambulance Service won an appeal but will still have points on record for possible revocation of license
Aiken County EMS says data since shift change shows 7 days with no “status zero” incidents, times when ambulances were not available
AMR and Metro West debate over ALS vs. BLS model to deal with shortages and improve times
Over 50 gathered to discuss disaster response and recovery options
Local EMS leaders said that a recent pay increase may help, but they cited burnout, attacks and industry-wide staffing struggles
Officials with the St. Charles County Ambulance District and the Metro West Fire District said they hope the technology improves safety and response times
Strategies to unilaterally reduce ED wait times and get back into service