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The Waterville firefighter resigned after being put on leave, citing personal reasons
Four paramedics and four EMTs resigned from CARE Ambulance’s Fairfield location, forcing leaders to call in workers from other branches
The report, compiled by the fire department’s internal Board of Inquiry, addresses the Jan. 24 rowhouse fire in which three city firefighters were killed
“I definitely am not a racist,” said Shannon Worrell, who led the Lake Waccamaw Fire and Rescue Auxiliary, also defending his remark to a same-sex couple
“I feel confident in saying that we have laid the groundwork for good things to come,” Dr. Emily Nichols said
Nashville Fire Department Paramedic Matthew Konen was charged with the murder of his wife, Rachel, and her father, 62-year-old David Rodgers
Former Belen Fire Chief Bret Ruff said he had put the transfer of his license from Nevada to New Mexico “on the back burner”
A forensic analyst found more than 5,200 images and nearly 1,600 videos of child sexual abuse on the tablet
Sedgwick County EMS Director/Medical Director Dr. John Gallagher also came under scrutiny after 7 EMS providers were cited last month
The former Worden Volunteer Fire Department member said tensions between legacy volunteers and new recruits culminated in the mass resignation
The Worden Volunteer Fire Department was left without enough staff to cover its ambulance shifts after the mass resignation
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said authorities are also planning to arrest the accused Polk County Fire Rescue captain when he returns from an out-of-state work assignment
A preliminary investigation found that the firefighter may have falsified supply logs for at least 18 months
Rockport officials plan to have a third party conduct an audit of its services after a majority of firefighters threatened to quit
St. Louis, which has seen more paramedics leave in the last two years than it has hired, is struggling to hire and retain personnel in what is on track to be the deadliest year in city history
An investigator wrote that the fire chief submitted “a bulk renewal recertification” for 20 firefighter-EMTs when only seven met the requirements for renewal
The chief and FFs opposed being pulled from most medical calls; city admin. says medical calls are covered by ambulance service, FFs not qualified
The city of Kamiah has hired a supervisor to oversee the fire and EMS departments following the departure of both department heads amidst ongoing conflict
Officials said the response to the crash that killed two young children may have been delayed due to confusion over the pond’s location
Officials say there will be mandatory overtime and ramping up of recruit training after 10 employees left following an incident involving alcoholic egg nog
One of the outgoing employees mentioned the audit that revealed revenue losses of at least $200,000 in his resignation letter
A group of 15 EMTs said they would remove themselves from the roster if a list of stipulations was not addressed
One firefighter resigned after a total of six firefighters from two municipalities were accused of cheating
The city’s EMS director resigned after the mayor halted the hiring process, which officials say will now move ahead
Megan Mull cites a “toxic and dangerous environments” as reasons for her departure
Former Searsmont Fire Chief James Ames and Joanne Ames, former EMS manager, said conflict and bad feelings prefaced their departures