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The American College of Surgeons is also seeking donations to help send bleeding control supplies to the region
The partnership is promoting the use of the BE FAST acronym to help people recognize the symptoms of stroke and when to call for help
Non-profit First Care Provider collaborated with H&H Medical Corp, Rescue Essentials and TrueClot to produce the educational video
First responders gathered to film a PSA about the state’s new law and remember 13 colleagues killed on roadways
The Citizen CPR Foundation’s 40 Under 40 Committee released a PSA on Oct. 16 to coincide with World Restart a Heat Day
The foundation’s 40 Under 40 Program seeks to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding younger cardiac arrest patients
Heroin cut with a synthetic cannabinoid has been connected to several recent overdoses in the city
The ad, which will air in the Pittsburgh market, features two emergency scenarios
The wrap aims to help raise community awareness for stroke and recognition of warning signs
The series is intended to inform the public about the actions that take place behind the scenes