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Emergency care representatives testify about reimbursement, access challenges
Ed Racht and Matt Zavadsky recount their EMS advocacy testimony to the U.S. House Committee
Guest host Rob Lawrence talks EMS advocacy: “We need voices. We need people. We need people to convey the message.”
Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez testified to include parts of the PARA-EMT Act into the National Defense Authorization Act
Bills highlight the violent line-of-duty death of FDNY EMS Capt. Alison Russo-Elling
Legislators are at odds on amendment that removes ocean safety from EMS
Floyd County Commissioners voted to pursue negotiations with AmeriPro Health as council members consider fire-based EMS
The new law makes so-called personal use possession a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail
ACLU California Action and others say the bill would unfairly target certain patients
Life Guard International’s Donna Miller plans to address the shortage of medical professionals in the city
Hilltown Community Ambulance Association in Huntington avoided having to end service to six towns
Latest round of canceled debt applies to over 77,000 borrowers
EMS did not have a budget of its own in the Harristown fire department finances
The Lyme Affordable Housing Commission unveiled a plan to buy property near the firehouse to create housing for volunteer firefighters
After the LODDs in Burnsville, Bayport officials agreed to first responders asking for the lowering of the U.S. flag for future statewide mourning
Debate over funding of Somerset-Pulaski County EMS led county official to call the mayor’s position on EMS “propaganda”
Warren city council voted to have an ordinance written billing the residential facilities for lift assists and other non-emergency calls
Officials say court-ordered treatment ties up policing resources
Sioux City council capped the number as the fire department moved to hire more FFs to fill vacant EMS positions
Legislation to create and place a second team in Allegheny County moves to the House
Six bills focused on helping EMS in the state include proposals on tax funding, reimbursement and a tax credit for volunteers
Mission city officials voted to drop Med-Care EMS and switch to fire-based EMS
Winchester EMS will now recieve funding from an added property tax area in Scott County
Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott opposed the plan saying some people are “excellent paramedics” who may not be able to test to be firefighters
Public drug use leads to some lawmakers wanting to recriminalize small possession amounts
Washington lawmakers follow other states pushing for reform in restraint techniques after the in-custody death of Manuel Ellis
Saugerties, Ulster County officials debate disparity among providers, staffing and costs for smaller communities
Five ways to shape policies that enhance patient care, streamline operations and provide a safer working environment