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Plane Fire

Police and other emergency responders converged on the site in Bath County after the crash occurred about 3 p.m. on March 10
A plane crash-landed and collided with a vehicle on I-75 in Collier County
A pilot, passenger and truck driver escaped serious injury in a fiery crash on I-26 near Asheville
Oklahoma City firefighters arrived to find the pilot trying to save the passenger trapped in the burning wreckage
The Ogdensburg International Airport was the location for training a simulated plane crash and fire
The plane crashed and caught fire after taking off from Liberty Landing Airport near Missouri City
Quad-Cities International Airport was the site of a plane crash and fire with multiple patients
Over 40 volunteers and several local agencies participated in the training drill at Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts
Five people on board were taken to Hartford Hospital and one person on the ground was also injured and transported to the hospital
A single-engine Beechcraft Sierra plane took off from the runway, had a mechanical issue and turned around in an attempt to land when it crashed
Officials credited the quick response by area EMS and firefighters for helping the passengers and mitigating any potential environmental problems with fuel runoff
One caller can be heard saying “there’s fire everywhere” when describing the fatal plane crash that occurred in July
It appeared the pilot tried to land the plane in the open space of the schoolyard and adjacent park, the chief said
Fire Captain John Meffert jumped into action to save Frank and Janan Pisano after their plane hit his car
Joanna and Ronnie Pisano, daughter and son of the couple, said they “are truly touched and encouraged by all the thoughts and prayers from our family, friends and the entire community”
One piece of the disk was found in a UPS warehouse 2,920 feet south of the plane and another piece was found about 0.3 miles north of the plane on airport property
One passenger said the plane was speeding down the runway when she heard an explosion and saw flames and black smoke
The plane caught fire as it prepared to take off; one person was seriously injured
The patients taken to the hospital were treated and released; most of the 14 minor injuries reported were from the evacuation slide
The aircraft was trying to depart when it veered from the runway and caught fire
No passengers were injured, but a ramp worker was taken to a hospital after a fire in the aircraft’s left engine