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The National EMS Museum will host its first online class teaching pet CPR and first aid through a partnership with Paws N Claws 911
Gurnee Firefighter-Paramedic Bob Davidson’s mother and another firefighter were injured in the blaze at Davidson’s home
The law takes effect immediately under conditions in which the animal is in danger of death or severe injury due to exposure
Despite attempts by first responders to keep Edna, she was officially removed due to “public health and safety concerns”
First responders who break into vehicles to rescue dogs or cats would get legal immunity under a proposed bill
Yalanda Medina created Squad FiftyOne by transforming squad cars and equipping them with oxygen tanks and medical supplies
The non-profit responds to animal emergencies 24/7 and charges no fees
The donated kits include three masks in varying sizes, instructions, a leash and information for local animal hospitals
The caller lied because he knew the ambulance would arrive quickly
The bill would give responders authority to provide stabilizing treatment to hurt animals before they are transported to a veterinarian
Responders say they have found people in emergencies worried more about their pets than their homes