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In this episode, host Chris Cebollero is joined by guest host Mike Touchstone, past president of NEMSMA, to talk about the foundations of professionalism
What to monitor, how to track it and how to make meaningful improvements
Join us for a discussion of the 2021 EMS Trend Report’s findings and strategies to combat the major issues facing EMS
Touchstone was well known for influencing many in EMS as an instructor, presenter and columnist
The International Journal of Paramedicine aims to present research relevant to patient care and the advancement of paramedicine
“The NREMT should reconsider its currently proposed position that creates a new ‘back door’ option for state-level accreditation,” NEMSMA said
The Moving Honors will stop in multiple cities so people can pay their respects to 72 fallen providers
Allison Bloom was a co-founder and general counsel of Cambridge Consulting Group
NAEMSP, NEMSMA agree that “it is critical” for paramedics, EMS physicians and other EMS providers to get COVID-19 vaccine
In an end-of-year video, the leaders of eight national EMS and fire associations offered words of gratitude, encouragement and appreciation
On this episode, our hosts are joined by the president of the American Paramedic Association who details the collaborative effort behind the vaccine guides with the National EMS Management Association
The guidelines include information about vaccine timelines and safety, as well as specific recommendations for EMS providers and agencies
Properly trained EMS leaders can navigate change while retaining talent and improving care
American Medical Response Philadelphia Paramedic William “Brad” Blackman worked in EMS for more than 35 years and is remembered as a “true hero”
Pat Songer has been hired as permanent executive director of the National EMS Management Association after serving as interim director for 18 months
Industry association websites, webinars and resources offer training, procedures and advocacy for their members who are on the frontline pandemic response
The NAEMSE, NAEMSA and the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics said it’s time for paramedics to obtain an associate degree
Three Just Culture behavior categories provide a launching point for action steps and EMS quality improvement
Implement a corrective plan which fixes underlying performance issues rather than repeating the cycle of disciplinary action
Look for these features when choosing an electronic patient care reporting program
A unique approach to paramedicine education relies on listening and patient interaction skills during scenario-based EMS training
Explaining the rationale behind mundane instructions can increase compliance and achieve better relationships with EMS staff
The ACPE represents the establishment of the first professional college within the field of paramedicine in the U.S.
The NEMSMA position is intended to generate a national dialogue about the issue leading to positive change
The newly formed committee will use information and technology to provide better patient care and support agency management
About half of NEMSMA members report providing and paying for the 60 hours of continuing education for NREMT National Continued Competency Program