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Injury Prevention

Karen Owens shares insider tips for training to treat pediatric athletic injuries, some of which may surprise you
Michigan EMS leaders share the challenges in locating, extricating and transporting victims of snowmobile crashes
Why fire and EMS personnel should incorporate functional training
Download your copy, featuring red lights and siren myths, traffic incident management and safe lifting tips
5 people were transported after an accident that left an ambulance on its side, according to the Monticello Police Department
Lakewood EMS’ STEADI initiative aims to reduce the number of calls related to senior citizen falls
An EMS provider, a child being transported and the truck driver were hurt in the crash which flipped the rig
Robert Ivey, commander of Lumberton Rescue and EMS, recalled transporting his friend, unsure if he would make it
Joseph Giovannone was being transported in a South Plainfield Rescue Squad ambulance when it hit a railroad bridge
One vehicle collided with the Bell Ambulance rig, which had its lights and siren on, making the ambulance roll and hit a third vehicle
The car’s driver sustained serious injuries in the crash with a Caldwell County EMS ambulance that was transporting a patient with its lights and siren on
The rig hit the underside of a train bridge it was too short to fit under, and the box of the ambulance was partially detached from the front
According to Houston’s FF union president, officials had asked for radios to contact private EMS but were only provided cellphone numbers
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission identified more than 190,000 ED visits due to micromobility products in the past four years
A vehicle hit two fire trucks and then a lieutenant with Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Squad 65 who was on foot
Several theme park accidents have occurred in the last several weeks, some of them fatal
The two Warwick firefighters underwent investigation following a patient’s death
Partnership between St. Charles Health and Crook County Fire & Rescue continues to meet local need
From burns to bleeding, head trauma to amputation, be prepared for when fireworks go wrong
First responders treated a man with injuries to his hands and abdomen after handling “large fireworks,” the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said
The clinical, cognitive and potential risk considerations in lift-assists, which are more complex than we realize
Share these fireworks injury prevention tips with your community to promote safe celebration
The lawsuit states netting should have been set up to protect the paramedic, who suffered a traumatic brain injury during the 2019 ALCS
Conduct a needs assessment to establish how accessories will be used to save time and protect providers
Learn how ATCEMS identified EMS training goals and implemented an assault reporting function to protect providers from violence
Butler County EMS of Kansas became the first recipient of the award acknowledging agencies that work to create a culture of safety
The pilot and paramedic were evaluated for eye injuries and the flight crew provided the video to Toronto Police
Fort Worth Firefighter-Paramedic Shonna Moorman says she’s facing a “very long recovery” and plans to campaign for highway safety for first responders
In a 48-hour period, six people in Massachusetts were taken to the hospital after sticking their hands in snowblowers