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A group mainly consisting of firefighters and EMTs use their off-duty time to respond to “paramergencies”
Every EMS agency can innovatively use their assets for more than saving lives while making a profound difference for patients and families
Analysis of the 56 million ePCR records in the NEMSIS national dataset shows days with the most traumatic pediatric cardiac arrests in 2013 and 2014
Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) in Connecticut brought tricks and treats to kids in their community who may not be able to go door-to-door this year
Austin Wildnauer, who is bound to a wheelchair, went trick or treating for the first time in years thanks to a Swansea EMS crew
An early window decoration that said “help me” prompted Jay Thomas, a concerned neighbor, to call for help
Responders rushed to what they thought was a horrific scene and found a fake body decoration stuffed with paper
EMTs and paramedics escorted the children and their families in an ambulance to offer constant care during Halloween
An officer said the children on the trailer were dressed up for Halloween, but the wreck scene was so horrible, he said he didn’t remember how their costumes looked
The crash occurred when a pickup truck collided with a trailer carrying 10 Halloween participants
What tunes will you be playing as you prepare to transport ghouls, ghosts or goblins?
Texas EMS providers gave children with difficult health conditions and their families a safe and healthy trick or treating experience
After a car struck the 14-year-old, a second vehicle hit her and dragged her for nearly two miles; she is in critical condition
Hundreds of ambulance calls and dozens of fires made Halloween the busiest night of the year for Dublin Fire Brigade