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“Just try to wrap your thoughts around having 3, 4, 5, 10 gunshot wound patients thrown at you – at one or two medics with one ambulance.”
The Beirut incident commander, Dr. Shawky Amine Eddine shares insights from the largest non-nuclear explosion in history
United Hatzalah volunteer emergency response Director of Operations Dov Maisel speaks to EMS1 from Jerusalem about resiliency in the face of recent mass casualty responses and the ongoing response to rocket attacks
A Loudoun County firefighters was killed and two civilians are among the injured after a gas leak, explosion
Los Angeles General Medical Center Dr. Molly Deane said it is remarkable the firefighters were not more severely injured
Two of the seven injured firefighters are in critical condition
911 calls from the Fort Worth Sandman Hotel explosion reveal panic and confusion
MedStar personnel describe their first moments on the scene of the Sandman Signature Hotel explosion
MedStar stated 15 patients were transported from the Sandman Signature Hotel in Fort Worth after an explosion
Fort Worth Fire Department PIO Craig Trojacek are working a mass casualty incident at the Sandman Signature Hotel
The house explosion in Northfield Township was heard for miles and left only the basement visbile
Two children are among the injured in blast that damaged West Park homes
A witness described the scene in Hillsboro as “a real war zone”
A shelter-in-place order was given to residents near Sound Resource Solutions in Shepherd
A gas explosion collapsed part of a multi-family structure in Wappingers Falls