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EMS Assaults

Prevent and survive an attack by pre-planning your fight or flight response
Chris and Kelly tackle public access defibrillation and EMT safety
A Maryland paramedic recounts a patient assault, and the emergency services director and police chief detail legal options
The man refused treatment after EMS was called to his apartment for injuries he received in a prior motorcycle crash
Dallas Fire-Rescue Paramedic Brad Cox won an appeal of his termination based on self-defense
A detailed look at the actions leaders can take to implement a systems-level plan to protect their members
A suspected intoxicated driver fought with Bethlehem Township EMS personnel, law enforcement officers in the back of an ambulance
A Northern Light crewmember suffered injuries to his head and hand
EMT Julia Taylor Fatum underwent several surgeries after being stabbed in the chest, leg and arm
EMT Julia Taylor Fatum was stabbed in the arm, chest and leg when she asked a patient to stop throwing a gum wrapper at her
A patient stabbed a Mount Sinai EMT several times in the leg, chest and arm
The patient began hitting the Metro West paramedic around the head and then chased after the EMT with a rock
A Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service provider was allegedly struck multiple times and shoved head-first into a cabinet by a patient in the back of the ambulance
Traditional training did not teach medics how to deal with combative family members or how to seek counseling
Firefighters said they have been threatened with pipes and broken mops, hit with rocks and physically obstructed from administering care or responding to a fire