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Ambulance Service

AAA, IAFC, IAFF and NAEMT write to Secretary Pete Buttigieg to restore production levels
Our co-hosts are joined by the executive director to discuss what systems will look like in the future, and how we should think about the role of providers
There is a lot to learn from the Page, Wolfberg and Wirth examination of hospital bed delays and the rights of EMS to return to service
Niagara County officials hope their ambulances will begin work before Christmas
Officials in Traverse City have begun working on recruitment, apparatus and transitioning from Mobile Medical Response
Officials forced Falck to add AMR in October to increase service
Cheshire County officials used pandemic relief funds to create county EMS after failed bid to buy ambulance service
Performance metrics showed Bi-County Ambulance in Yuba and Sutter counties remained in compliance despite staffing shortages
Skaneateles Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Services applied to expand into Cayuga County in 2024
Grady EMS decided not to renew its contract with Baldwin County, choosing to focus on Atlanta, Fulton County
EMS officials in Cayuga County are looking at how to deal with increased calls as AMR prepares to leave at year’s end
Traverse City voters chose the fire department, over Mobile Medical Response, as the primary ambulance service
Bill ties state’s Medicaid reimbursement rates to federal Medicare rates, paying whichever is higher, and removes 20-mile travel exemption
Clark County will begin to use Advanced EMT staffing after years of ALS staffing for every call
Greenup County Ambulance Authority is launching six paramedic-staffed ambulances providing round-the-clock coverage