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Imposter ambulances threaten public trust and safety

Bill introduced in Texas legislature seeks to prohibit imposter ambulances and is a model for all states

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After NYC subway deaths, barriers get new eye -
In light of recent subway deaths, NYC officials are now re-examining the safety precautions currently implemented for passengers. Around the world, subway and light rail systems have barriers ...

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Kelly Grayson

The Ambulance Driver's Perspective

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Remember 2 Things: How to assess an electrocuted patient
Steve Whitehead reminds us how to assess the areas of the body that the electrical current passed through, and burns that look minor may actually be critical.

For two more burn patient tips watch this video on caring for airway burns and managing swelling.

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EMS Jacket by Globe LifeLine

Technical Rescue Pants by Globe LifeLine

EMS Pants by Globe LifeLine

Emergency Series Speed Lace by Globe FootGear

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