Burning Man Search Results


HGH EMS Rescue says Burning Man ‘lessons’ will be invaluable moving forward

- 05/01/2015

WINNEMUCCA, Nev. — “We wouldn’t trade our experience with Burning Man for anything.” That was HGH EMS Rescue Chief Pat Songer’s statement last week after his ...

Burning Man picks provider for EMS coverage during desert festival

- 04/19/2015

SAN FRANCISCO — CrowdRx has been chosen to provide emergency medical services to Burning Man attendees who require care at facility outside of festival grounds. The week-long event from ...

EMS coverage at Burning Man festival up in the air

- 03/13/2015

RENO, Nev. — A contract with Humboldt General Hospital, which has provided emergency medical services to Burning Man participants that require care at an outside facility, is now up in ...

Woman at Burning Man killed, hit by bus

- 08/29/2014

By Henry Lee San Francisco Chronicle BLACK ROCK DESERT, Nev. — A Wyoming woman described as having an "adventurous, caring spirit" died at the annual Burning Man festival ...

Behind the scenes at Burning Man

- 10/24/2013

Editor’s note: I first heard about Burning Man from one of the smartest people I know: Dr. David Warner, a neuroscientist and self-described “hippy doctor” who has done groundbreaking ...

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